Career counselling Services tailored to specific needs

Do you wish to identify suitable career OPTIONS or job targets for yourself?
Are you
seeking employment, a new challenge or perhaps your DREAM JOB?

Would you like to assess your work experience and validate your choices?
Do you need to
update your CV and your LINKEDIN PROFILE?

FOR A BETTER OUTLOOK ON YOUR SITUATION, I provide a complete range of career management services tailored to your needs:

  • Career guidance, assessment and transition
  • Job search strategies and effective tools, CV and LinkedIn profile 
  • Starting self-employment or small business coaching 

These services may apply to various working contexts such as employee relocation, outplacement, retention of human resources and succession planning.

A CLEAR CAREER VISION is essential whether you are launching your career, at its mid-point or retiring!

Career  guidance, assessment and transition

  • Assessment of experiences and accomplishments 
  • Identification of working preferences 
  • Sources of satisfaction, dissatisfaction and means of coping more effectively  
  • Evaluation of skills, weaknesses, abilities to develop and validation 
  • Clarification of life priorities and of a compatible working environment
  • Information on occupations, learning programs and the workplace 
  • Identification and evaluation of career options based on your professional profile 
  • Career exploration techniques and validation of options 
  • Sound selection, decision of main options and development of an action plan 

Job search strategies and effective tools, CV and LinkedIn profIle 

  • Identification of target positions, industries and organizations 
  • Development of a marketing strategy to approach potential employers, key people and networking with appropriate tools: CV, cover and follow up letters, online profile, scenarios for initial and subsequent contacts 
  • List of references and support network
  • Information to seek on organizations 
  • Planning and following up systems 
  • Interview preparation and simulation 
  • Evaluation and negotiation of offers and contracts 
  • Follow up and support throughout job hunt 

Coaching for self-employment or starting a small business 

  • Information on self-employment and starting a small business 
  • Validation of motivational factors and entrepreneurial profile 
  • Identification of optimal conditions, as well as constraints 
  • Support in project formulation and development 
  • Assistance in preparing a business plan 
  • Referral to available resources