My mission as career management counsellor

Life is too short to be unhappy and unsatisfied at work! 

We spend more time working than with our close ones.


Most car owners go for a tune up yearly and most people see the dentist for an annual check-up. We take time to organize vacations but not near enough is spent planning our professional path.

So why not get a check-up on your professional situation to feel well-aligned with your working preferences, skills, priorities, life values and even your dreams! 

My mission is to provide guidance and support towards happiness and well-being at work!

You can count on my dedication to help you achieve this goal.  

Claire Savoie

My background


Business Administration graduate with a specialization in Marketing from Sherbrooke University and a member of the Certified Human Resource Professional Corporation in Quebec (CHRP).

Extensive experience in career management and transitions, outplacement, retirement planning, as well as self-employment and small business start-up coaching. Professionally serving French and English speaking clients from different backgrounds, industries and at all corporate levels.

Before starting my private practice in 1995, I gained experience in a variety of roles within private organizations. My past positions as Marketing Analyst, Project coordinator, General Manager and Small Business development coach reinforced my passion to continue on this path while providing the opportunity to hone my career management skills.

Over 500 individual clients and hundreds of groups have received customized services at different phases of their professional lives: career guidance, assessment and transition, résumé writing and letters, online profile, dynamic job search strategies, interview coaching, self-employment and entrepreneurship guidance and retirement planning.


Diverse mandates accomplished for different organizations such as: Aon Hewitt, Axa Insurance, Laurentian Bank, National Bank in Toronto, Biomatrix, Canadian Electrolytic Zinc, Coopsco, Danone Canada, Emploi-Québec, GlaxoSmithKline and TéléQuébec.

Adult education trainer for college programs in professional transitions for women, including small business development and effective job searching strategies for unemployed candidates.

Speaker for professional associations and corporations, namely the MBA Association of Quebec.

Feedback of clients


“I  am grateful to Claire for having been there for me over the last few years. With her skilful techniques and her patience, she has accompanied me on a journey to discover my strengths and passions, to better know myself and, in other words, to build an improved future. I thank her for her reassuring words and her confidence in my capabilities. I wish that everyone could meet such a positive and understanding coach in their quest for an enhanced career.”  

Danielle D., Communications Specialist

“Claire knows how to get you to think about where you want to go with your career. I enjoyed our sessions together and, more importantly, I have successfully applied the lessons learned. With Claire's counselling I was able to redirect my career and once again find my passion for my  work. Using her techniques I was able to verbalize what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and when.”  

Julien C., Illustrator and licensing artist 

“Since 1998, I have visited Claire  periodically to define and realign professional objectives. I have the impression she knows me more than I know myself, when it comes to managing my career.  Claire can also adjust my CV a lot faster than I can when I need an update.”  

Stephanie T., High School Assistant Director


“Claire has always been there for me, whenever I needed her precious feedback and her advice about my career moves.”  Marianne W., Business Development Agent